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  • 200m & 4x200m races, Meeting Régional 2, Coque

    On Saturday, I ran a 200m and then later on participated in a 4x200m relay. Unlike the week before, I had signed up for the competition in advance; which was a good thing since they were not accepting any late signups this time around. Even then, there were 47 competitors in 9 heats; which took […]

  • 2013 track races in review

    Indoor races 12/Jan/2013 – Meeting Régional 2 (Coque) In my first race for the year, I ran a 200m in 23″41. I finished first in the fifth heat, and overall 16th out of 39. Later that day, I participated in the 4x200m relay, where I was part of my club’s second team. We ran 1’38″95. […]

  • Training Log 18/Dec/2013

    Track training today. We started off with the usual 2km warmup on pavement (at a leisurely 6:15 min/km pace). The main training was 8x300m. The ground was covered in frost near the 100m, but given how the left achilles tendon was feeling I still opted not to use spikes. Throughout the training I was never […]

  • 9.6km run at “Naturschutzgebitt Haard”

    Distance ran: 9,63 km in 1:10:33; with an average pace of 7:20 min/km and 287 m elevation gain.

  • Training log Thursday 04/Jul/2013

    Once again, I woke up with a painful left achilles tendon, mostly towards its base at the heel. Walking downstairs was painful in the morning, but after putting on my Asics running shoes (with a positive heel-to-toe drop) things improved – which is to be expected, since the higher heel in the shoe means that […]

  • Training log Tuesday, 2/Jul/2013

    My achilles tendon had not been happy on Monday and Tuesday morning. Quite why I ended up doing quite a large double program on Tuesday, I don’t really know. Stubbornness, I suppose. At lunch, I did a 10km loop around the Petrusse and Alzette valleys near work. I tried to stay on forest trails as […]

  • Training log Thursday-Monday

    Thursday 27/Jun: Went to my club’s track training. Did various stair jumps in the stadium stands (as best as the hip that’s still sore could handle – maybe it’s not the smartest idea to do these jumps while I’m still somewhat injured) and then five laps on the grass (strides on the straights, jogging inbetween). […]

  • September 4th: Luxembourg-Grund to Gantebeinsmillen and back

    After covering quite a bit of mileage on forest trails, I opted to go for a lunch break run on pavement for a change. Thankfully, there’s a bike path near work that is reasonably flat, far from vehicle traffic and at least in my experience doesn’t get much bike traffic but sees quite a large […]

  • September 3rd: Kayl to Lannebierg/Kalebierg/Mont St Jean and back

    After a stressful commute home, and a stressful day in general, I only managed to start my run late in the day. I started off with the same 1.7km on paved roads that I’d done the day before, but then opted to go up “Rue de Volmerange”. This proved to be a very exhausting decision, […]

  • September 2nd: Kayl to Lannebierg/Kalebierg/Mont St Jean and back

    Day 2 of the month saw a slight mileage increase over the previous day with slightly faster pace and more elevation gain. Oddly enough, my Garmin watch seems to think I burned fewer calories. I started my run on the sidewalk along the main road to Tétange. After 1.3km, I turned left into „Langertengass“, a […]