Month in review: August 2014

Fell way behind in updating this blog. I guess that is par for the course for most of my projects most of the time.

Track trainings: In August, my achilles tendon still wasn’t happy. As a consequence, most of the track trainings that I did were not on the track but on the Rollingergrund stairs; where I logged a total of five sessions spread out over the entire month. Only two sessions were on the track. Total trainings: 7.

Walking: Most of my walking was during lunch time, ranging from a few quick walks where I only grabbed something to eat, to a handful of longer walks of up to 6km. Total: 48.4km

Road&Trail Running: I did very limited trail running: three somewhat short sessions in the woods around home and one Kosakestee stair session during lunch. In total, I ran 30.36km, with a total of 935m of elevation difference.

Indoor cycling: Just one quick 15-minute session on the first of the month. That attempt at building a habit definitely didn’t stick.

Average body weight: 82.2kg (14.9% body fat). Up a bit (half a kilo and 0.2%) from July. Not surprising seeing how I burned less than 9000 calories through exercise in August; which was the lowest for the entire year so far.

Month in review: July 2014

July saw a return of injuries. On July 6th I ran a 100m that I was moderately happy with; but then on the 100m series of the national championships a week later a set of injuries reared its ugly head again.

Despite the injuries, my focus in July was more on track and less on longer trail runs. There were also somewhat long periods of rest and recovery mandated by my injury state and work requirements.

Oddly enough rest and skipping long runs seemed to have had less of a positive influence on the soreness in my achilles tendon than anticipated, so for the months ahead maybe the solution will be to do more, rather than less.
Walking: I walked a total of 86km, most of which was done in +-3km increments during my lunch breaks. Vertical elevation was pretty negligible, on the walks where I wore a watch I recorded only 664m.
Road&Trail Running: 4 runs, 25.9km total (433m vert.)

Track Trainings: 9 track trainings, 2 competitions

Indoor cycling: 3 session of 1h15 total (38.6km)

Average body weight: 81.6kg (14.7% body fat)

Body weight and body fat changed in a positive way in July, even if I still reverted to unhealthy eating habits quite often. My average weight for July was down about 1kg compared to June.

Month in review: June 2014

June was an average month. Compared to May I did less road&trail running, and a little more track&field. A three-day stay in the Alps also meant that I got some more hiking done.

Walking: 99.1km (4750m vert.) – most of the vertical elevation, as well as half of the total mileage, was accrued in three days in the Alps.

Road&Trail Running: 5 runs, 36.9km total (860m vert.)

Track Trainings: 5 track trainings, 2 competitions

Indoor cycling: 2 session of 45min total (26.6km)

Average body weight: 82.7kg (15.1% body fat)

Body weight and body fat remained almost unchanged in June. I’m not terribly happy with how few

Month in review: May 2014

After a lackluster spring as far as training was concerned, I finally got back into the groove in May.

Walking: 87.6km (1140m vert.) – not entirely accurate, since I don’t record every single quick walk with a GPS watch

Road&Trail Running: 10 runs, 82.2km total (1475 vert.)

Track Trainings: 6 track trainings, 1 competition

Indoor cycling: 1 session of 30min (19.16km)

Average body weight: 82.6kg (15% body fat)

There’s a lot of potential for improvement, of course; but at least I stopped the downward spiral.

Month in review: April 2014

April was marked by lingering illness in the first half, and back pain in the second. Consequently, I did not manage to find the motivation to go running or head to the track with any kind of regularity. About the only area where I did comparatively well in April was hiking (which I suppose is less demanding).

Walking: 98.4km (1662m vert.)

Road&Trail Running: 3 runs, 25.6km total (524m vert.)

Track Trainings: 2 track trainings

Average weight: 82.5kg (body fat: 15%)