Starting in 2001, I began to develop a taste for travelling. Before that, with plenty of school holidays, it never really occured to me - but such is life. Sometime in the future I hope to have enough time and money to journey around the world. Until then most of my travels will be limited to just a couple of weeks, at most.

In the past, track&field competitions took me to a number of foreign countries. Newspaper assignments are not sending me to any exotic places, so I haven't been able to add many countries to my visited list.

In the past years, I've been on the following trips:


July 2013: Stubaital, Austria
A one-week vacation in Austra. I did some climbing and hiking.
November 2013: Fuerteventura
One-week vacation in Fuerteventura.


February 2012: Lanzarote
Ten day vacation in Lanzarote.


November 2011: Schwarzwald, Germany
We spent a few days in Hinterzarten. Here, I hiked to Feldberg and did a few nice long runs.
August 2011: Croatia (via Austria, Slovenia)
Over the course of two weeks, we drove from Luxembourg to Dubrovnik and back home again, with stops all over Croatia, as well as Austria and Slovenia.
July 2011: Dolomites, Italy
In five and a half days, I hiked eight more segments of the München-Venedig route in the Dolomites.
June 2011: Liechtenstein
A mixed vacation of supporting my girlfriend at a sports event (which I also covered as photographer), as well as some limited hiking as time allowed
May 2011: Grainau, Germany
I spent a few days hiking in the Zugspitze region without actually ascending Germany's highest mountain seeing how there was too much snow left


December 2010 : Allgäu, Germany
We spent the last few days of 2010 in the snowy Allgäu valley, which also afforded be the opportunity to do some winter hiking
November 2010 : Fuerteventura
A ten-day vacation to escape from the onset of winter. I did get some hiking done; among others to the summit of the island highpoint and an off-route scramble up Montaña Roja.
August 2010 : France
A week-long stay near Chamonix, France; the highlight of which was a successful summit bid on Mont Blanc with Chamonix Experience.
July 2010 : Germany
3-day hiking vacation in the Wetterstein mountains.
June 2010 : Germany, Austria
5-day hiking vacation in the Karwendel mountains, based in Mittenwald
February 2010 : Lanzarote
One-week vacation in Lanzarote


September-October 2009 : USA
A small two-week circular Southwest trip.
June 2009 : Cyprus
Games of the Small States of Europe, Cyprus. Half newspaper assignment, half supporting my girlfriend who competed.
February 2009 : Lanzarote
One-week vacation in Lanzarote


September-October 2008 : USA
A fifteen-day trip to California, Utah and Arizona. Most notably includes summits of Half Dome and Mount Whitney, as well as a one-day rim-to-rim hike in Grand Canyon.
July 2008 : Germany
Zugspitze via Höllental
June 2008 : Austria
A Karwendel hike on a long weekend.
February 2008 : USA
A one-week trip to the California deserts


October-November 2007 : USA
a 10-day trip to the Southwest USA
August 2007 : Austria, Italy
Hiking from Tulfes to Rifugio F. Cavazza al Pisciadu
May-June 2007 : USA
a 17-day trip to the Southwest USA


Octover-November 2006: California, Nevada, Utah
This fifteen-day trip took me to California and Nevada for a few days, and I then spent the majority of my time in Utah before returning to San Francisco for my flight back home.
August 2006: Four-day hike from Jachenau (Germany) to Hall-in-Tirol (Austria)
Over the course of four days, I hiked from Jachenau (Germany) to Hall-in-Tirol (Austria). The hike took me over four mountain passes, to a maximum height of 2639m, and over a total of 3400m in height difference. The weather didn't cooperate much - it rained a lot, and I also encountered sleet and fresh snow on the ground. The trip also involved 1225km on the road (to get to Southern Germany and back) and over four hours in various trains and a bus to return back to my car after hiking over the Alps.
June 2006: Two-day hike from Bad Tölz to Jachenau (Germany)
I drove down to Bad Tölz after work on Thursday, hiked from Bad Tölz to the Brauneck Gipfelhaus on Friday (21km), back down to Jachenau on Saturday (19km), and then drove back home on Sunday.
March 2006: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas
A two-week trip to the Southwest USA that took me from snow-covered mountains to arid desert, and from -8°C nights in New Mexico to 32°C days in Texas.


November 2005: California (Sierra Nevada and Death Valley)
I had a handful of days off work left for 2005, so I opted to make the most out of those by heading back to California for a week, and to update my portfolio with shots from my DSLR rather than the low-resolution ones I still had that were taken with my old Olympus.
August-September 2005: Rocky Mountains (and more), United States
A 23-day trip that took me from Salt Lake City to the Canadian border and back, going through the Rocky Mountain States of Wyoming, Montana, Colorado; but also visiting other states (Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska, Arizona)
June 2005: Tallinn, Estonia
The European Cup Bruno Zauli took place in Tallinn again (cf. 2002 travels), and a National Team selection headed there for the weekend. I was supposed to only be part of the 4x100m relay, but due to last-minute team changes also had to do the 100m and 200m, the latter of which worsened my achilles tendon troubles again.
May-June 2005: Andorra-la-Vella, Andorra
I was part of the team that qualified for the 4x100m race at the Games of the Small States of Europe, and as such got to join a national selection team in Andorra for a week's stay, doing two 4x100m races and winning the Silver Medal in one of the best times in over ten years. Pictures are online.
March-April 2005: Algarve, Portugal
A two-week training camp in the Algarve region in Portugal, spending the first week with my athletics club near Albufeira, and the second week with the national team in Monte Gordo


August 2004: Several Western States, United States
A three-week trip across California, Nevada, as well as several other states in the American West. I'm still working on the travelog and photo galleries for this trip.
July 2004: Munich and Alps, Germany
A failed attempt to cross the Alps "on foot", with a backpack. I had to return home after just a few days because of knee problems that still plague me now (as of April 2005)
June 2004: Iceland
Doing a 4x100m at the European Cup Bruno Zauli, and renting a car for a day to see more of Iceland.
January 2004: California, United States
My employer at the time allowed me to work from home, and I entered an arrangement with them to telecommute from the United States for a month; from December 28th 2003 to January 28th 2004. I greeted the new year in San Francisco on the Emarcadero, just next to the Bay Bridge; spent most of January in and around Napa Valley; then took time off for a three-day trip to Death Valley in late January before flying back to Luxembourg; entirely too soon.


September 2003: California, United States
I used up my remaining holidays for an eight day get-away to Yosemite National Park, Northern California and Napa Valley.
July 2003: Sorrento, Italy
I flew to Italy for a week along with around 10 friends plus family to attend the wedding of two mutual friends.
June 2003: Going, Austria
I used an extended weekend (Friday and Monday off) to drive down to Tyrol for some hiking in the "Wilder Kaiser" mountains
June 2003: Malta
I was part of the Luxembourgish delegation at the GSSE Malta 2003 (Games of the Small States of Europe) in Malta. Despite staying there for a week, I didn't see much of the country; but instead concentrated on my 200m race (Unfortunately, I didn't reach the finals).
February/March 2003: California, United States
Driving up Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco, where I spent the remainder of the week, then visiting Napa Valley and returning to LA via Death Valley and Joshua Tree. See USA trips for more.


October/November 2002: California, United States
A return to Yosemite, Death Valley, Route 66 and Highway 1, among others. See US trips.
August/September 2002: Lanzarote
Training and getting a tan before winter were my main objectives when leaving for this one-week vacation with two friends. I trained and got a tan.
June 2002: Tallinn, Estonia
I was part of the 4x100m relay at the European Cup Bruno Zauli. I also took some pictures, none of which are online right now, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
March 2002: Lanzarote
I joined the Jump team for a week of training at Club La Santa.
March 2002: Southwest United States
I hadn't planned to head back so soon after my last trip, but reading various trip reports fed my travel addiction so much that I just had to get back. Full details are on my US trips page.


September 2001: Paris, France
I joined a friend in Paris for a weekend, and helped him move back to Luxembourg. A bad memory of the trip was getting ticketed 900 FRF (about 135 €) for not coming to a complete Stop at an intersection.
July-August 2001: Southwest United States
This was my first US trip, and it took me to California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. More can be read on my US trips page.
July 2001: Paris, France
Along with two other friends, I was visiting a friend who studied there. We stayed three nights, and I took quite a few pictures. Only a short selection is available, along with comments.
June 2001: Riga, Latvia
I was doing the 100m and 4x100m at the European Cup Bruno Zauli. I don't have any other memory about this. A shame, really.
June 2001: London, United Kingdom
On instinct and very short notice, I flew over to London for just two nights. Pictures and thoughts have been recorded in my London trip report). is powered by custom Perl scripts running on top of Apache/Perl/MySQL and uses the Bootstrap framework. All text and photos, unless marked otherwise, are copyrighted and may not be reused without explicit authorisation. Christian Kemp /